"Our daughter started working with Jessica as an Intermediate level skater and she suffered from extreme performance anxiety with testing and competing. Jessica taught her skills that helped her cope with performing on and off the ice. Our daughter now tests and competes with more confidence and personal success as she will soon complete her last two Freestyle tests. She also finds that counseling has helped in all areas of her life. Working with Jessica has helped her in ways that we couldn't have imagined and we are so happy that we found Jessica."

-Parents of a competitive figure skater    

"Jessica was such a gift for my 9 year old daughter who is a USGA gymnast. She was able to teach her techniques to regain her confidence on the vault after an injury. But, the best part is that she is using those same techniques in her classroom at school to adopt a positive attitude and not give into fear when struggling with challenging tasks especially in math!" Thank you Jessica!

- Tammy K. Parent of a competitive gymnast

"Our team worked with Jessica last year, and we are delighted with what she was able to do for us. Her knowledge of both the several disciplines of figure skating, combined with her knowledge of sports psychology gave her special insights into the needs of our team of adult skaters.  Jessica did not start out with a preconceived notion as to what we might need. Instead, she worked to learn what would do us the most good as a team and as individuals, and then she customized her approach to us adjusting as necessary as the year progressed, and addressing the difficulties when they occured. Through a combination of group discussion and inventive exercises and constant follow-up, she helped us develop and live up to useful and achievable goals; to learn how to approach the challenges inherent in athletic competition; and to build a strong team cohesiveness that served us well throughout our season that culminated in a first place finish at the ISI National Synchronized Skating Championships."

-La Furia ISI Masters Synchronized Skating Team

"Jessica has worked with several of my athletes over the last couple of years. The difference in them is night and day! They now have the tools they need to handle the stress of competition. I would recommend her to any athlete having trouble with nerves, focus, or confidence."

-Debbie Minter, Master Rated Professional Figure Skating Coach